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The sharpest sting of the rawhide could not arouse me. Finally, in September, when the busy season of cotton picking was at hand, I was unable to leave my cabin. Up to this time I had received no medicine, nor any attention from my master or mistress. The old cook visited me occasionally, preparing me corn-coffee, and sometimes boiling a bit of bacon, when I had grown too feeble to accomplish it myself. When it was said that I would die, Master Epps, unwilling to bear the loss, which the death of an animal worth a thousand dollars would bring upon him, concluded to incur the expense of sending to Holmesville for Dr.

He announced to Epps that it was the effect of the climate, and there was a probability of his losing me. He directed me to eat no meat, and to partake of no more food than was absolutely necessary to sustain life. Several weeks elapsed, during which time, under the scanty diet to which I was subjected, I had partially recovered. One morning, long before I was in a proper condition to labor, Epps appeared at the cabin door, and, presenting me a sack, ordered me to the cotton field.

At this time I had had no experience whatever in cotton picking. It was an awkward business indeed. While, others used both hands, snatching the cotton and depositing it in the mouth of the sack, with a precision and dexterity that was incomprehensible to me, I had to seize the boll with one hand, and deliberately draw out the white, gushing blossom with the other. Depositing the cotton in the sack, moreover, was a difficulty that demanded the exercise of both hand and eyes. I was compelled to pick it from the ground where it would fall, nearly as often as from the stalk where it had grown.

I made havoc also with the branches, loaded with the yet unbroken bolls, the long, cumbersome sack swinging from side to side in a manner not allowable in the cotton field. After a most laborious day I arrived at the gin-house with my load. When the scale determined its weight to be only ninety-five pounds, not half the quantity required of the poorest picker, Epps threatened the severest flogging, but in consideration of my being a "raw hand," concluded to pardon me on that occasion. The following day, and many days succeeding, I returned at night with no better success—I was evidently not designed for that kind of labor.

I had not the gift—the dexterous fingers and quick motion of Patsey, who could fly along one side of a row of cotton, stripping it of its undefiled and fleecy whiteness miraculously fast. Practice and whipping were alike unavailing, and Epps, satisfied of it at last, swore I was a disgrace—that I was not fit to associate with a cotton-picking "nigger"—that I could not pick enough in a day to pay the trouble of weighing it, and that I should go into the cotton field no more.

I was now employed in cutting and hauling wood, drawing cotton from the field to the gin-house, and performed whatever other service was required. Suffice to say, I was never permitted to be idle. It was rarely that a day passed by without one or more whippings. This occurred at the time the cotton was weighed.

The delinquent, whose weight had fallen short, was taken out, stripped, made to lie upon the ground, face downwards, when he received a punishment proportioned to his offence. It is the literal, unvarnished truth, that the crack of the lash, and the shrieking of the slaves, can be heard from dark till bed time, on Epps' plantation, any day almost during the entire period of the cotton-picking season.

The number of lashes is graduated according to the nature of the case. Twenty-five are deemed a mere brush, inflicted, for instance, when a dry leaf or piece of boll is found in the cotton, or when a branch is broken in the field; fifty is the ordinary penalty following all delinquencies of the next higher grade; one hundred is called severe: During the two years Epps remained on the plantation at Bayou Huff Power, he was in the habit, as often as once in a fortnight at least, of coming home intoxicated from Holmesville.

The shooting-matches almost invariably concluded with a debauch. At such times he was boisterous and half-crazy. Often he would break the dishes, chairs, and whatever furniture he could lay his hands on. When satisfied with his amusement in the house, he would seize the whip and walk forth into the yard.

Then it behooved the slaves to be watchful and exceeding wary. The first one who came within reach felt the smart of his lash. Sometimes for hours he would keep them running in all directions, dodging around the corners of the cabins. Occasionally he would come upon one unawares, and if he succeeded in inflicting a fair, round blow, it was a feat that much delighted him.

The younger children, and the aged, who had become inactive, suffered then. In the midst of, the confusion he would slily take his stand behind a cabin, waiting with raised whip, to dash it into the first black face that peeped cautiously around the corner. At other times he would come home in a less brutal humor. Then there must be a merry-making.

Then all must move to the measure of a tune. Then Master Epps must needs regale his melodious ears with the music of a fiddle. Then did he become buoyant, elastic, gaily "tripping the light fantastic toe" around the piazza and all thorough the house. Tibeats, at the time of my sale, had informed him I could play on the violin. He had received his information from Ford. Through the importunities of Mistress Epps, her husband had been induced to purchase me one during a visit to New-Orleans. Frequently I was called into the house to play before the family, mistress being passionately fond of music.

All of us would be assembled in the large room of the great house, whenever Epps came home in one of his dancing moods. No matter how worn out and tired we were, there must be a general dance. When properly stationed on the floor, I would strike up a tune. Then there must be no halting or delay, no slow or languid movements; all must be brisk, and lively, and alert. Epps' portly form mingled with those of his dusky slaves, moving rapidly through all the mazes of the dance. Usually his whip was in his hand, ready to fall about the ears of the presumptuous thrall, who dared to rest a moment, or even stop to catch his breath.

When he was himself exhausted, there would be a brief cessation, but it would be very brief With a slash, and crack, and flourish of the whip, he would shout again, "Dance, niggers, dance," and away they would go once more, pell-mell, while I, spurred by an occasional sharp touch of the lash, sat in a corner, extracting from my violin a marvelous quick-stepping tune.

The mistress often upbraided him, declaring she would return to her father's house at Cheneyville; nevertheless, there were times she could not restrain a burst of laughter, on witnessing his uproarious pranks. Frequently, we were thus detained until almost morning. Bent with excessive toil—actually suffering for a little refreshing rest, and feeling rather as if we could cast ourselves upon the earth and weep, many a night in the house of Edwin Epps have his unhappy slaves been made to dance and laugh. Notwithstanding these deprivations in order to gratify the whim of an unreasonable master, we had to be in the field as soon as it was light, and during the day perform the ordinary and accustomed task.

Such deprivations could not be urged at the scales in extenuation of any lack of weight, or in the cornfield for not hoeing with the usual rapidity. The whippings were just as severe as if we had gone forth in the morning, strengthened and invigorated by a night's repose. Indeed, after such frantic revels, he was always more sour and savage than before, punishing for slighter causes, and using the whip with increased and more vindictive energy. Ten years I toiled for that man without reward. Ten years of my incessant labor has contributed to increase the bulk of his possessions.

Ten years I was compelled to address him with down-cast eyes and uncovered head—in the attitude and language of a slave. I am indebted to him for nothing, save undeserved abuse and stripes. Beyond the reach of his inhuman thong, and standing on the soil of the free State where I was born, thanks be to Heaven, I can raise my head once more among men. I can speak of the wrongs I have suffered, and of those who inflicted them, with upraised eyes. But I have no desire to speak of him or any other one otherwise than truthfully. Yet to speak truthfully of Edwin Epps would be to say—he is a man in whose heart the quality of kindness or of justice is not found.

A rough, rude energy, united with an uncultivated mind and an avaricious spirit, are his prominent characteristics. He is known as a "nigger breaker," distinguished for his faculty of subduing the spirit of the slave, and priding himself upon his reputation in this respect, as a jockey boasts of his skill in managing a refractory horse. He looked upon a colored man, not as a human being, responsible to his Creator for the small talent entrusted to him, but as a "chattel personal," as mere live property, no better, except in value, than his mule or dog.

When the evidence, clear and indisputable, was laid before him that I was a free man, and as much entitled to my liberty as he —when, on the day I left, he was informed that I had a wife and children, as dear to me as his own babes to him, he only raved and swore, denouncing the law that tore me from him, and declaring he would find out the man who had forwarded the letter that disclosed the place of my captivity, if there was any virtue or power in money, and would take his life.

He thought of nothing but his loss, and cursed me for having been born free. He could have stood unmoved and seen the tongues of his poor slaves torn out by the roots—he could have seen them burned to ashes over a slow fire, or gnawed to death by dogs, if it only brought him profit.

Such a hard, cruel, unjust man is Edwin Epps. There was but one greater savage on Bayou Boeuf than he. Jim Burns' plantation was cultivated, as already mentioned, exclusively by women. That barbarian kept their backs so sore and raw, that they could not perform the customary labor demanded daily of the slave. He boasted of his cruelty, and through all the country round was accounted a more thorough-going, energetic man than even Epps. A brute himself, Jim Burns had not a particle of mercy for his subject brutes, and like a fool, whipped and scourged away the very strength upon which depended his amount of gain.

Thank you for your life and all that you have taught us.

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Be at peace now. You will never be forgotten. Thank you, Stephen Hawking, for bringing so much joy into my life. Even to think of you makes me smile. Have fun, wherever you are. My condolences to the family of Professor Hawking. He was a remarkable man, and his intellect and determination are a example for mankind. He blessed us all by his presence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and make all of us understand how everything is working through the Universe!

What Makes Some People Exceptional and Others Just Accomplished?

Thank you for showing us that there is always something above.. May your soul rest in peace! I would love to have known what you thought about being giving the tag line "The Cleverest Man in the World" - You were brilliant an inspiration to our family and others. Thank you Stephen for your life and what you taught us by your example. We will miss you. May you rest in peace at last. Thank you Professor Hawking for your knowledge and inspiration. I am currently a lecturer teaching physics for foundation students. Thank you for being the biggest inspiration in my life.

Endless respect and rest in peace. Pei Ling Cheang from Malaysia. A brilliant mind, sadly missed. I never understood the magnitude or depth of your wisdom or influence before coming to Cambridge myself. I am humbled to be able to associate myself with one of the last living geniuses of the modern world. Thank you for inspiring us all alike. My thoughts and condolences to family and friends. Thank you Professor Hawking for expanding and explaining our knowledge of a the universe. Humanity is better for having had you with us, thank you for all you have contributed to us all, your knowledge and understanding of our world, universe and multiverse has been incredible, the knowledge you've shared with us has been truly amazing but also your personality which always came across as a inquisitive explorer with a good sense of humour and a truly lovely, humble, caring man.

We feel so lucky and special for having been alive during your lifetime and thank you from the bottom of our hearts and brains for teaching me and us all with fantastic facts and introducing mind blowing theories to many like myself who have previously found physics and cosmology otherwise hard to grasp, you always explained so well and gave us the thirst for more. Thank you so very much. I would like to send my respect and warm wishes to Professor Hawking's family and friends. I've previously studied Astronomy and Planetary Science with the Open University which re-acquainted my fascination with Space I had since a child, but I have to admit it wasn't easy.

Following the news of Professor Hawking's passing, I read 'A Brief History of Time' and couldn't put it down, it was fascinating and I believe I will reread it again and again - I think I understand now why people call some books old friends. I will stay curious! I aspire to become a Maths Teacher and working hard towards my goal, Professor Hawking inspires me because of his determination and perseverance supported of course by his amazing family and friends.

I bought myself a Cambridge University hoodie yesterday to remind myself when I'm studying and finding it difficult to put on courage. And one day when I make it, in my classroom I will have the quote "Look up at the stars, not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up. I know I've talked a lot about how Professor Hawking inspired me, but I hope that brings comfort.

Thank you so much. Much love and endless respect. Suzan, John and James Campbell. Thank you Stephen Hawking for helping me expand my knowledge on our universe. My outlook on our universe and life changed! You are one of the brightest stars. Your humour, hope, and mind was an inspiration to me, and many others.

Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. You will be dearly missed. An intellectual vacuum has been left by the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking. His knowledge was, and remains, a unique gift to our universe. Thank you for showing me that my circumstance in no way limits what I can achieve. Sorry to hear of the death of Pr. I was bought one of his books by my inlaws to be while engaged.

Quite readable for such a subject. The highest qualification I have is a BSc in Computing and am also trained in engineering. Stehen Hawking died of the same thing as my late dad. My dad was also a science lecturer and lasted about 4 yrs with it. You are one of the brightest stars in the universe. Rest in peace, professor. Thank you for your dedication to making science exciting and beautiful to children. Your work would normally have been thought to be out of adult understand and of no interest to kids. You made it reachable to both. From your funny and not condesending children's books which is where my son became interested in you as a hero to your TV shows.

Love and gratitude to you and your family! Professor Hawking was the trailblazer of all trailblazers - as a man of science, a great educator, a father, an exemplary beacon of the twin triumphs of independent living and assistive technology. I never was lucky enough to meet him but he bettered my world all the same.

He left no room for doubt that a severely disabled person could be all those things. Thank you for your inspiration, imagination, resilience, hard work, humour and good example to us all of how tenacity can meet the greatest of challenges that we all face in life - intellectual or otherwise. Rest in peace and I hope the answers to all the questions you had are now known to you. Something everybody knows without really knowing, a last figure of greatness.

I hope it makes sense. I don't know if more can be said, but thank you. The world has lost not only a scientist of great intellect but also a great human being. I worked at Trinity College for sixteen years. It was my privilege, on several occasions , to be asked to assist in some small way, on occasions when Prof: Hawkins was either visiting the college or giving a lecture in the Masters Lodge for a small privileged group. The last time I saw him: I smiled to him, as he passed by in respect. Not knowing that it would be the last time I would see him again!

He was a wonderful person. Someone that will be missed by every social spectrum of society. Professor Hawking was one of the greatest minds of the XXth century. He was right in saying that the Universe has no cause and purpose. Only man can and must give the Universe a goal. According to the idea of the Russian thinker Nicholas Fedorov, the task of humanity should be to make the Universe wise and to restore all the dead ancestors to life in any form. If this happens in the distant future, it will be thanks to, inter alia, Professor Hawking.

Thank you for showing us what is possible even when you only can move one small muscle but still communicate with the whole world. An inspiration to us all. Professor Hawking, you will be missed. I hope you rest among the stars. Thank you for inspiring generations of human beings to gaze upon the wonders of the sky. Stephen Hawking, for truly inspiring me to follow the path of science and mathematics and discover its true beauty.

You taught us to always keep our mind open, to all the possibilities in the universe, but also to be brave in the unknown and to never stop in the pursuit of new discoveries. Last December I was invited to a divulgative event, "Desgranando Ciencia". I shared my short talk where I explained how Stephen Hawking opened my eyes; how I decided to homage him learning science and my life changed. I can only say that the fact to write, to consider what he would have said to me helped me a lot.

I faced a stormy moment, an emotional black hole, and after have seen that film and have researched about Hawking I felt that he would have understood me; that he would not have allowed my eternal sadness and time waste: Time, our more pretious gift! You will call me mad: After have written that long letter with a very improbable true addressee I felt myself protected; under Hawking's umbrella. By writing and expressing so many things, with Hawking as hipothetical reader, I got out my depression and I started to forgive myself.

It was so important, that from that moment in forward I considered him as a friend; a dear friend able to save me and make me discover the wonders of my own life in this universe. When I heard his speech at the Paralimpics , it was as he were talking directly to me, looking in my eyes; in my brain! Never give up, despite troubles and difficulties There is always something we can do! My goodness, how I cried! That day I wished to go inmediately to Cambridge to thank him in person! Now I have lost a friend who helped me without knowing it; a colleague in disability, although blindness is very different from MND.

We two overcome barriers, obstacles and mental blindness of so many people. Both us must compensate our lost. He did it much better: In any case I have felt very near from him; only during less than two years, unfortunately. Before that I knew about him, but I had not been introduced; we had no friendship. My friends could easily imagine what I felt. You are not here to ask me again not to give up! I will follow your pieces of advice; I promise! And I will learn and learn, although you cannot solve my doubts with your intelligence and humor.

I thought I was silly and you came to say that ignorance is relative! I understood the message that made me leave for ever and ever lots of inferiority and stupidity complexes. It was the beginning of free and joyful learning. I won't find another person like you!

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Many thanks, family, friends and colleagues to have helped, supported and loved him! I share your pain and a little your luck to have met him. How does on sum up the impact pf the death of one of the greatest minds ever to live on this planet? The loss is felt greatly, and also,how lucky we all were to have this wonderful human being bless us for 76 years instead of We miss you, and we are happy you are free. I have no more words Because of you, I " Look up at the stars, instead of down at my feet"! Your brilliant mind will live on forever for all of humanity to remember. You will always be embedded in history.

Your genius will be greatly missed. Rest in peace and soar through the Universe s. Professor Stephen you have a special role in my learning of very big picture. For over 50 years, he was the leader of his field: In , I witnessed the birth of a new field of science: Observational Tests of Inflationary Cosmology. In a short discussion between Hawking and Smoot with myself acting as intermediary, it was suggested that gravitational waves could be important in discriminating the numerous inflationary models of cosmology.

To this day in , this subject remains an active area of scientific inquiry. Few will ever attain the great scientific heights achieved by Stephen Hawking, but if we could be just bit like him, the world would be a better place. Thank you for your inspiration and making science accessible. Thank you for defying the doctors and showing others it can be done too. Thank you for your sense of humour. Thank you for your gift of knowledge, that's changed how we see the universe forever.

I am a Caian. Though I never knew Stephen Hawking, I have long been a strong admirer of him as a scientist, and especially as a wonderful person who overcame the handicaps of his illness and shared his great humanity with the world. The world is a poorer place for his passing. The world will be a little colder with you not here but our universe will surely be a great deal brighter with you in it.

Thank you for showing us all that if we put our head to it, we can reach the stars and walk in the cosmos. Rest in peace the great professor Stephen Hawking! One of the most amazing brains and who defied medical predictions living a long life and lived with a happy outlook! Overcome more difficulties and inspiring lots of people from all walks of life! The universe will miss you! Sending our condolences for his close family and friends! The world thanks you for your knowledge courage and inspiration. You were an inspiration to all, and so glad I got to see you around Cambridge.

You are with the stars now. Honored to know you in my time sir. I for one was excited to hear news from you, but this was not what I expected. Hello, I am 16 years old and I live in Hawaii. I grew up hearing stories about Stephen Hawking and have always admired his intelligence and moral reasoning. My dad actually used to read passages out of his books when I was just a child. I loved the way that he was able to push through his circumstances and to truly invent the world around him. He truly was an idol for me growing up and learning about science and physics and the way the world works.

A lot of people describe him as just a cosmologist but he was so much more to so many people. He inspired millions and pushed people to preserve and to strive to challenge the world around them instead of just accepting it. His scientific works and contributions to the academic community are incomparable. I was deeply saddened by the news of his passing. Thank you Stephen Hawking for all that you've done.

An inspiration to all mankind. To stand on the shoulders of giants is no small feat for anyone, although Stephen demonstrated to all, that standing is not required on the physical to achieve a level of greatness and respect that only a few people in history have ever done. Names that will live forever in the the annuls of our history. Our universe is so large, however, Hawking's mind has made gigantic steps towards the understanding of our very existence, and sub-atomic awareness, and although he has passed, he will remain immortal.

A truly amazing human being who will be remembered in history for his outstanding intellect, bravery and sense of humour. In death I hope he now knows all the answers he has been searching for all his life. My condolences to his family and friends. Dear Hawking Family, Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your loved one. His brilliance will be missed by us all. I do not pretend to know have known you - Professor Stephen Hawking - however there is no doubt in my mind that you will be greatly missed by all that have known you and all that respectfully knew of you.

My heartfelt condolences to your immediate family and close friends. I am certain their loss will be a great burden to bare. I hope they can take comfort in the knowledge that their loss has been felt in the most unlikely of places, near and far. This heart ache transcends language barriers, political barriers, educational barriers, racial barriers and even AGE barriers.

I am certain he would not want us to wither away in sadness but continue down the path he cleared for us. Professor Hawking, Thank you for the brilliant gift of knowledge that you freely shared with others to further the worlds understanding of the universe. We are forever changed by your brilliance and ability to light a spark in others. My sincere condolences to Professor Hawking's family and friends.

I continue to read my copy of his book in the hope that one day I will understand the full value of Stephen Hawking's contribution to Science. I wish to offer my deepest condolences to Professor Stephen Hawking's family for your great loss. I extend my condolences to his colleagues and friends. Professor Hawking was a brilliant man who enriched all our lives, not only with his intellect but with his great courage facing a disabling illness with grace, humour and such zest for life.

He was and will remain my true life hero and inspiration throughout my life's ups and downs. You all made possible his connection with the world. He reached us, taught us and inspired us all through you. Seeing the film The Theory of Everything filled my heart with immense admiration, respect and gratitude for this man and his extraordinary and loving family. Professor Hawking could turn a complex subject into an easy comprehensive one: He inspired curiosity and search for truth and knowledge within us. To always ask questions about all that surrounds us.

He also opened our hearts to compassion, hope, courage and joy of life no matter how difficult it can be at times. He showed us how to smile and to embrace life and live it to the fullest each day. Thank you Professor Hawking! You will be missed. May you rest in peace. We were lucky to have you with all of us as long as we had. Thank you for sharing your love of science with us. We will miss you dearly. Donna Wong and Nicholas Torman. In memory and admiration of a true physicist and Caian, who inspired me personally and academically and remains a role model to countless people around the world.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace amongst the stars and universe. The contributions of Professor Stephen Hawking over fifty years of research have formed a essential precursor to progress in general relativity and quantum gravity. The solutions to the fundamental problems in this field today require an understanding of the singularity theorems, quantum effects on black hole space-times and the quantum cosmological wavefunction at early times in the expansion of the Universe.

I will remember him for his constant efforts to transcend the intricacies of a theory unifying quantum mechanics and gravity, the continuation of research at the forefront of knowledge under exceptional conditions and his dedication to the advancement of science throughout the world. Unfortunately one thing will not be scratched out from the To-do list, and that's meeting you professor.

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The world's not only lost one of the greatest minds of all time, but one of the strongests wills too. You will to keep going and your joy for life will be remembered. Greatest condolences to your family. Professor Hawking has made a huge difference in the world with his ability to both further our understanding of the universe and has enabled cosmology to be more understandable to everyone.

Consequently, I was witness to the early formation of the Big Bang Theory and the observational data being gathered at that time.

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Living the Accomplished Life: Master and Revel in Your Unique Genius - Kindle edition by Marjorie Wolter. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Marjorie Wolter is the author of Living the Accomplished Life ( avg rating, 0 ratings, Living the Accomplished Life: Master and Revel in Your Unique Genius.

I did not realize until much later, that I would see Professor Hawking around Cambridge in the early days of his illustrious journey. My condolences to his family and friends, his memory will last for all time. What an amazing human being. We were all so blessed to have access to such a great mind in our lifetime. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously Prof Hawking. Before truth, it is in the form of belief, faith, hypothesis, and observation.

Belief is faith, not certitude. Faith is based on forces unknown omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. Hypothesis is built upon conjecture, which can be challenged. Observation is derived from experience, which might be biased. Experiment and model might not be absolute, but can be refined. Can science transform belief? Can technology transform culture? The moment of Big Bang not just one but a few universes was born, from Higgs boson, quarks, atoms, matter, planets to galaxies, bounded by GUT.

How grant the theories, how belittled the human, how beheld the universe! May he carry a grain of universe from now to eternity. Your work and your name will be cherished throughout infinity. Thank you so much for opening the Universe to me. Your brilliance was matched only by your ability to communicate the wonders you delved. You launched millions of minds and generations of the curious.

The name of Stephen Hawking physicist will cascade down the centuries, but for those of us privileged to grow to maturity and live through this era of your life and acclaim has been to have our hearts touched in the most wonderful way by your courage, fortitude and love of life. The vitality of your mind while enduring such trial has been an example to us all, to embrace this precious life and live it to the full.

Gracias por acercarnos al Universo. Thanks for approaching the universe. I am but mortal, so were you Stephen, but in reality we were light years apart, you had dreams and visions that were beyond comprehension to the average person, yet in your way you let the average person share in your beliefs and in simple terms let us into your complex world. I saw Professor Stephen Hawking in at The Royal Albert Hall, to this day I still get goosebumps to think I was in the same room as him let alone listen to his lecture! He was a great man who accomplished so much and will be sorely missed by so many people around the world and maybe beyond.

My condolences to his family and many friends. I strongly believe that Mr Hawking was the world best living scientist of our time. May his soul have a journey on what he has studied for so long the origin of time. My sincere condolences to Stephen Hawking's family. A truly unique human being. His contribution to our understanding of the universe, immeasurable.

We came from star dust, we return to star dust. Rest in peace and light. You will remain an inspiration for generations to come. We lost one of the greatest scientists of our era. His work will be remembered for hundreds of years to come. It has been a real pride to be alive at the same time as You were.

Your work has inspired many other people and me. For me personally, you were an icon, an inspiration and more. I unfortunately never got the chance to meet you but it was one of my greatest goals. I hope you found all of your answers up there. Professor Hawking, thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge, humour and persistence that you have shared with the human race. Thank you to the family for sharing your husband and father with the world, what extraordinary man he was and will be for generations to come.

Sincere condolences to the family, friends and fellow college members of the late Professor Hawking. Student Grant's are a thing of the past. I hope to God that the National Health Service will still be extant in the future despite all the efforts of those who seek to eliminate 'Socialised Medicine'. Thank you for teaching the world to never give up, to remind us to "look up at the stars and not down at your feet". You are a Super Star and may you now fly like Superman. RIP to, by far, the greatest man who ever lived. My thoughts and prayers to the family. It is an honour to be able to say that we have lived in the same time as Prof Stephen Hawking.

Professor Hawking, you were the principle instigator for what has been my lifelong fascination with science, space and the utter mystery of the universe. I never had the abilities to go beyond a lay understanding of physics, but the way you fostered interest and excitement across the world for science as a whole, through your writings, wit, ability to communicate at all levels and huge personality is a gift to all of us and to so many future generations.

Thank you for all you have given the world. You will forever remain in our hearts Professor Hawking for sharing your passion for knowledge that have enlightened our souls to continue the human journey of discovery and understanding.

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May God bless your soul and bring solace to your loved ones in the knowledge that your memory will remain forever a shining light that guides our humanity. A real inspiration for future generations to stand on his shoulders. My deepest sympathy to the family. I have long admired the quotes from Professor Hawking, he seemed to be the one voice of reason in this day and age.

I wish I could have known him. You were a true shining star in a world of full of darkness, you inspired millions and you stay in our hearts and mind for ever. Deepest condolences to the family of Professor Stephen Hawking. The greatest man the world has known. Rest in peace Stephen Hawking.

Another Giant has now gone! Another Lucasian Professor, like Isaac Newton, himself! The whole world congratulates Cambridge University for having supported this wonderful, brave man, this once in a century intellect, for half a century, Stephen Hawking! John Aloysius Henderson, Geelong, Australia. The world goes on shoulders of giants like you. Farewell to an amazing man who brought so much to our world. A courageous man who never let his disability hold him back. May you rest in peace Professor. You are the brightest star of the universe.

Thank you for everything you gave the world. But most of all, thank you for showing such humor and kindness alongside your genius. Much love from Australia. You showed your gratitude for the incredible care you received from Dad and his team, as we show gratitude to you for your incredible contribution to science. Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. Thank you for sharing your brilliant thoughts and discoveries with all of us and explaining it all so beautifully.

For taking life by the horns, no matter what life threw at you. I'm sure even the unfathomable in the laws of physics; paused, perhaps even halted when news began to cross the cosmos. Thank you for everything, rest well and easy in comfort. Condolences and love to the Hawking family, friends and associates. The world was better having you and your brilliant mind in it. The world has truly lost one of its greats. Thanks for making science clearer. A great loss to mankind. He was one of the greatest thinkers of all time, whose mind rose and flew, high above the physical constraints fate had meted out to him.

Adieu Professor, You where one of a kind, You inspired and affected peoples life positively. Dear Stephen Thank you for your mind and humanity. You give all of us across the world hope and determination in this universe and the rest. As someone with a disability, and mindful of the parameters any disability imposes, my admiration for the way you lived your life is boundless.. The world has lost a great scientist, your family have lost a beloved father and husband, and the world will be a much darker place without your intellect, your insight - and your humour.

I'm Enrique Armenta, an 18 years old mexican student. When I knew the Professor Hawking died, I cried, Stephen was a very inspiring person to me, he was one of those people who are awesome, he was the man that helped me to decide that I was going to be a physicist, he was one of my principal inspirations. One of my major desires was meeting him in person, but now I know it won't happen. The science and the world will remember him forever, he was one of the greatest scientists of history.

He is not dead at all, he is just returning to the Universe, the place he came from, he is becoming a new star in the sky, a star, that will be seen for many years. A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force Newton taught us. Hawking proved that the desire to excel will keep one in motion beyond what was held to be his limited time.

The whole world has been saddened by your departure, but enriched by your unique brilliancy as a cosmologist and a physicist. You have been a great example to the world, never to be forgotten. Thank you for your devotion to mankind. You will be greatly miss, but your legacy will live on. May you Rest in Peace Professor Hawking. Your Star will forever shine in the Universe. The world is a better place to have known and loved Professor Stephen Hawking.

A truly courageous man with a brilliant mind. My heart goes out to his family during this difficult time. Thank you for inspiring my wonder and curiosity since I first read A Brief History when I was ten years old. Stephen Hawking, so clever, so witty, so admired, so sorely missed by all humanity. Thank you, Professor Hawking for your contributions which will continue to be built on by future generations of scientists. George Smith - Dallas Tx. I lived during your time! Lyn Gill, Adelaide, South Australia. To paraphrase Matthew 9: And that idea will be laughed to scorn. If we're willing to believe, in the words of William Shakespeare, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy — then Stephen Hawking will literally never die and has been alive forever.

When his engineer friend Michele Angelo Besso died, Albert Einstein wrote a letter of condolence to the Besso family, including his now famous quote: People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. So there would be life after death.

Hawking says boundaries and singularities exist in what we call real time but don't exist in "imaginary" time. Einstein postulated that Max Planck's quanta were real physical particles, not just a mathematical fiction. From there, Einstein developed his explanation of the photoelectric effect. So it appears entirely possible that another supposed mathematical trickery imaginary time will find practical application in the future.

One can think of ordinary, real, time as a horizontal line. On the left, there's the past - and on the right, the future. But there's another kind of time so-called imaginary in the vertical direction. Like the surface of the Earth, imaginary time has no boundaries you can go around the world without falling over any edge but, also like Earth, it is finite unless pi or another infinite number is incorporated into each and every part - numbers could be encoded into parts using the BITS BInary digiTS, 1's and 0's of electronics, which would give the universe Artificial Intelligence.

When so-called imaginary time also exists, boundaries simply aren't there. And since infinity is introduced into everything, the universe has no end or start neither in space nor in time. If the universe is infinite and eternal, it may be plausible to add a sentence to the concept of life after death: If all times in the past have no actual separation from the present, there must also be life before conception different from our familiar human form, and possibly the same as the life-after-death form.

That "superhuman" life is like quantum mechanics and gravitation, and includes all space and all time it would definitely NOT be religion's "soul" or "spirit", which is limited to an individual body. Professor Hawking was a man of humility and intellect. He will not be forgotten as long as humanity seeks to comprehend the universe and itself. We will miss you deeply, Stephen; a man we grew to know as a friend, and a friend who made us laugh, and made us think. No better friend can be. Your contributions are limitless. It's just like you to be so Daniel and Cathy Wesley.

I couldn't put it down. Gone were memories of dull physics lessons about electrical circuits, ripple tanks and iron filings. I fell in love with everything about physics and so did my two daughters some years later. I found the book under my eldest's pillow aged 4 when she could barely read. Had a slow start at school but excelled at art but worked so hard at maths and we bought her a small telescope so she could look at the 'consternations' as she called them.

Fourteen years later she is predicted top 'A' Level grades in maths, further maths and physics and is going to Durham Uni to study a Masters in General Physics. My youngest is choosing those same subjects with chemistry for 'A' Level. We have always followed what the Great Man did and what he thought with great interest. We adore considering and debating all things to do with physics and the universe. Thanks to him for engendering that. There were tears in our house the day he passed.

Hail the stalwart of a genius. You devoted your whole life in searching for the truth and meaning of this cosmos where we humans are only a tiny bit of a spec. Your legacy will let mathematicians and scientists to tread the difficult and steep path you labourously constructed. Now that you have gone your spirit will encourage and inspire us all. Prith Chakravarti, Santiniketan, India. I am one of the countless physicists who owe Stephen Hawking the highest gratitude and praise.

He turned back the vail to help us see the next steps down the road. There is no greater service, no greater glory. The planet is a poorer place now, but the Cosmos is now a much richer place!!! Hawking and thank you for the inspiration and the courage you showed to our world. An amazing human being and never to be forgotten.

Love to his family and colleagues. Kate Syer from Ballarat, Victoria in Australia. A life that leaves a path for others to follow or keep trying to find new courses is an exemplary one; I hereby offer my true sympathy for a mind that hopefully changed abd will change many others in thevsearch for the truth and the better. I didn't study his work. I'm good at science but his maths were beyond me. He inspired me because of his resilience and that he communicated and worked and lived in face of his obstacles. I had tremendous affection for your father because of his example. I don't know your faith beliefs.

Please recieve it a such. RIP to one of the greatest minds this generation will ever witness. Thank-you for your positive contribution to the advancement of life. Hawking you were an inspiration to me since I was a little boy you will be for ever remembered as a kind soul, rest in peace my friend. Farewell Professor Hawking - few people have touched so many, with both your spirit and your intellect. Thank-you Mr Hawking for bringing to a me someone so ignorant about mathematics and physics all the Stars and Blackholes Whatever happens now, you will still be travelling towards understanding of the Cosmos!!

Thank-you for you extraordinary Life!! A truly great man who will be forever missed and remembered as one of the greatest intellectual minds of all time. There is time for everything but there is no time enough to understand what you achieved. I give you all my respect. I do not think I will see another like him in my lifetime, so we should feel privileged that we had the honor of being on this Earth with him. Dear professor Hawking You were a great and inspirational man that taught the world many things.

I always loved seeing you on tv and found your scence of humour funny. Professor Hawking, thank you very much for inspiring me to become an astrophysicist. I still remember watching your tv series in the mid's, as a child, on VHS and being in awe of the wonders and mysteries of our evolving universe. The decisions i have made towards advancing my career in astronomy can be traced all the way back to that moment. You always questioned the status quo, asked the big questions about our universe, pushed the envelope when it came to understanding the inner workings of our cosmos; and you could explain the most complicated astrophysical phenomena with crystal clear clarity.

Your legacy will not be forgotten. The world has lost a truly great physicist. You were a legend.

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May your soul rest in eternal peace. For a man to have asked so many questions throughout his life. In his passing, I pray he can gets all the answers now. I was privileged enough just to share the same time on this planet as him. My thoughts for his Family and friends thought this period.

Now off to touch the face of God. Thank You for bringing light to an otherwise dark and empty Universe. Rest in peace Professor Hawking. Dear family and friends, the world has lost a precious rare gem for which very many feel the pain. But let us all celebrate and remember his magnificence.

According to the idea of the Russian thinker Nicholas Feodorov, the task of humanity should be to make the Universe wise and to restore all the dead ancestors to life in any form. Stephen you know was wonderful. He was very generous to myself and my father by speaking to us. My mother had motor nuerone. He will live on in his work and in the minds of those he touched. I hope , despite his loss , that I can share my admiration and fond thoughts of my brief encounter with Stephen across the world from Australia to you all.

Professor Stephen Hawking is my hero. Through reading his books, he answered so many of my questions and taught me so much. I as a 71yr old, am of his generation. May he Rest in Peace. Mrs Jillian Sand, Melbourne. I feel so sad that our universe has lost such a wonderful talent like Prof Stephen Hawking. I hope he goes to Heaven if there is any such thing after we leave this planet. My deepest condolences to Stephen Hawking's family and loved ones. Gone to the great university in the sky, but he will never be forgotten here on little planet Earth, his life and his legacy will live forever.

May he finally find peace and rest. Professor Hawking, I am going to miss you. You were an amazing man and you inspire me to study more about a topic I love, space and time and I hope to achieve a PHD one day in the field of cosmology and physics just like yourself. To your family, Cambridge community, citizens of the UK, Australia and the world, I would like to express my condolences.

We have lost an amazing man and a true genius.

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Rest in peace Professor Hawking, you will always be in my thoughts and you will always inspire me. I am grateful for your cosmic curiosity and contributions to science - thank you for being an inspiration. I am an American who has had the pleasure of living in Britain for two years of my life. I have acquired a healthy appreciation of British culture and her various peoples.

I saw you as a the second coming of the great popularizer of science, American astronomer Carl Sagan. Over the decades, I have become flabbergasted at your ability to overcome your physical handicap, all the while possessing an incredibly active, productive and intelligent mind. If there are universal constants, you are certainly a universal inspiration. In due time, I hope humanity names a few spaceships, space stations, colonies, planets and even galaxies after you. You have inspired us all. I have not been to Britain in a while, but you have given me a reason to visit again and when I do, I intend to come visit you and your fellow scientific and intellectual heavyweights at Westminster Abbey.

Godspeed, Professor Stephen Hawking and may you continue to guide us with your cosmological insights in the afterlife as we continue to make small steps into our solar system and galaxy in the years and centuries ahead. It was my honor to show a brief video of you to my 1st grade astronomy STEM class, this past week. They were in awe of you as was I and the World. The NASA video tribute also showed how important and respected you will always be around the world. A truly great man lost to the world, rest in peace Professor, you've earned it.

In sadness at the loss of one of the finest minds of our time, yet in gratitude for the hope he gave to all those suffering from disease. His work and the memory of him will surely endure for as long as humanity endures. The great are not bound by their inabilities Stephen, Thankyou for your curiosity and continuing to remind us that we need to focus on what we can do rather than what we cannot. Thank you Professor Hawking. Thank you for your humour, your brilliance and most impressive of all, your attitude.

God Bless You Stephen. Peter and Carmel Johnson. My thoughts are with the Hawking family at this time, but thank you Professor Hawking for sharing your brilliant mind and bringing science to the masses. May you rest well among the stars. Farewell Stephen, hopefully the world will one day catch up with your mind, and move ahead towards the stars with peace and humility. My deepest condolences are offered to Stephen's family and friends.

The world has lost a brilliant mind and in my opinion one of the greatest minds that ever lived. Stephen your physical pain is over and you can now walk free "to infinity and beyond". Thank You Stephen Hawking. Thank you to his family for their support in his endurance. You are all remembered. Now you're part of the Universe I will try to never stop to look up the sky Even though our team had found the solutions named MPA program that is prepared to be used to maintain robot safety, the healthy relationship between the robot and human beings, we will insist on our initial belief to build a world for human beings who can live in harmony with robot and make the robot to serve for people carried with your entrustment.

We wish you will live in the vast universe forever. Hawking, today March 31st Cambridge, UK and the world are celebrating your life. I would like to be part of this special day thanking you for having left us with a much better understanding of our universe. With your brilliant mind, hard work, perseverance and eagerness to find the truth, we will remember you standing in the shoulders of Einstein as he is standing on the shoulders of Maxwell.

I had the pleasure and honor meeting you in company of your daughter Lucy and your youngest son Tim while I was staying in Cambridge, UK researching an Electrophysics problem during the summer of My most sincere condolences are with your sons, daughter and your family. I will always remember your great advice: Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the Universe exist.

And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Stephen Hawking, you will be truly missed in this world. Your courage and determination will always remain as an inspiration to all. May you Rest In Peace. What an honour to have breathed the same air on the same planet at the same time as one of the truly great minds of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Dear Stephen I met you only last year. But the news of your death broke my heart, my heart shattered, I just wanted to cry and still today. You have been a great fighter and now you deserve a long rest.

P Stephen I will miss you. One of the greatest men of this century. I hope we can achieve the future you imagined. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for inspiring the world, thank you for pushing the limits of the human mind and questioning things others feared of. You had a brilliant mind and spirit that proved anything is possible.