Franchising: Be Your Own Boss with Franchise Opportunities

When most people think about owning a business, they imagine building something from the ground up and seeing their name on the store front. However, a surprising number of prospective entrepreneurs like yourself ultimately decide to go a different route. Many decide that the best course of action is taking advantage of appealing franchise opportunities.

While there are multiple types of franchises, the most common are business format franchises which are set up so that you get to use the franchisors brand, trade name, and the product/service they created, in exchange for agreeing to operate your franchise location in exact accordance to the franchisor’s business plan.

BurgerIM is what is called a business format franchise. When they enter into an agreement with a franchisee such as you, BurgerIM allows you to use their business concept, marketing material, trade name, and connections in exchange for operating a brand-new location according to the business plan they’ve created.

BurgerIM started their franchising efforts in 2016 and have already expanded into 15 different states, and they’re still growing. The organization fully hopes to have at least 500 different locations open by the start of 2020.