How to Successfully ScaleYour Dental Practice with Franchise Expert Peter Irvine | Ep. 89

Peter Irvine is the co-founder of Gloria Jeans Coffee franchise and he was on the team that launched McDonald’s in Australia. Peter has over 40 years experience in business at a high profile management level.

In this episode, Peter and I explore business success from his decades of experience. If you’re looking for advice on how to move into a true business management model, this episode is for you.

03:00 Building a successful franchise chain in Australia (and lesson you can learn from that) 09:45 Why you should have a vision for your business if you want it to be successful 12:30 Vision statements to avoid 14:00 Keys for dealing with setbacks 17:30 How to effectively manage staff to grow your business 25:30 Finding the low hanging fruit in your business to instantly boost sales 31:00 Peter’s success tips 34:00 How to get off the tools and move into true business ownership 41:20 Unlock the secret habit Peter has that contributes to his success 47:00 How to stay competitive in a growing market

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