MSP Business School ep63 – Will Ominsky, Nerdio: Getting Your MSP PartNERD

When new technologies arise, like the new Windows 365, it can help to have a partner who understands how to shape the technology to fit the needs of your clients. Will Ominsky of Nerdio comes on the show to share how they assist MSPs to leverage new technologies quickly, early, and easily.

2:15 – Will shares how he got into the MSP industry, starting with his first sales job in college: selling magic tricks to tourists for commission. The hosts ask him about his highly successful stint as a copier salesperson, noting that a consultative approach to sales is much more effective at helping you stand out from the competition.

8:38 – Will explains how Nerdio helps MSPs make sense of Azure. He describes the product as a bucket of LEGO that lacks clear instructions, but can be configured in any way needed. He shares how Nerdio can show MSPs the path through their point of view, giving them the tools to automatically deploy what they need.

12:34 – Robb asks Will what Nerdio does for sales teams in order for them to be able to talk about the service in a way that closes deals. Will and the hosts discuss the current climate of vendor relations and how they are all realizing that they need to act as partners with their MSPs, coming alongside and assisting their clients where the need is.

17:50 – Brian asks Will about what’s next for Nerdio, and Will shares his excitement about the new Windows 365 and hosted desktop. They talk about the evolution of Microsoft and how it’s only getting better from here.

24:14 – Robb asks Will how MSPs can get in touch with him if they’re interested in working with Nerdio. Will shares the Nerdio partner program, PartNERD, that allows MSPs to reap benefits from working with Nerdio.

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