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What sets Senior Care Authority apart from competitors? How does Senior Care Authority leverage its franchisees to provide exemplary care? How does Senior Care Authority empower the elderly and serve their community? In this webinar, Franchise Business Review speaks with the Senior Care Authority team to discuss their unique business model and community enrichment programs.

Michelle Rowan, president and COO of Franchise Business Review

Frank Samson, Founder & CEO
Marcy Baskin, VP
Matt Gurwell, Franchise Business Consultant
Rob Gandley – VP of Marketing and Business Development

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00:00 – Introduction
03:05 – What makes Senior Care Authority stand out?
8:24 – Is the franchise owner the one who works with the families?
9:38 – Does Senior Care Authority require you to work from an office?
10:31 – How does Senior Care Authority leverage its franchisees?
15:32 – Senior Care Authority – Beyond Driving with Dignity
19:46 – Educating the public and empowering elderly drivers
21:50 – Financial stability with elder care placement
23:30 – Who else can benefit from Beyond Driving with Dignity
25:47 – E.A.S.E – Employee Assistance for Solutions in Elder care
29:11 – How does Senior Care Authority help new franchisees?
33:34 – How does Senior Care Authority foster its relationships with franchisees?
36:46 – Do franchisees have the opportunity to contribute and implement their own ideas?
41:42 – How does Senior Care Authority support franchisees technologically?
43:16 – Getting in touch with Senior Care Authority


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