Technology Planning in a Post-pandemic World – Part 1 | Earn CPE Credits!

Strategic and tactical business planning contributes to short and long-term success. Your technology plan should follow your business plan. But what if your goals become disrupted in the short term, and these events have long-term effects. Think 9/11, smartphones, or COVID-19 and consider if things will go back the way they were.

This session will consider the impact of remote work, security risks, collaboration tools, VOIP, and other tools your team require. How do we manage our various applications and meet our business plan goals? Attend this session to consider how technology planning works in the new normal.

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——– Contents of this video ——–

00:00 – Intro
04:14 – How has our technology environment changed/stayed the same?
05:38 – What does technology planning mean to you?
07:27 – How to align your strategy and tactics?
08:42 – What question should you be asking yourself?
10:25 – What should you be thinking about when making your business/technology plan(s)?
11:12 – What are eight factors that make a good business plan?
13:15 – What are the five key elements in an effective business/technology plan?
15:05 – What eight qualities of a good business plan?
15:28 – What plan should you write first?
15:53 – What makes a technology plan work?
16:23 – What is the cool thing about technology planning?
18:12 – What is the paradigm ABC?
18:30 – What is the Adapt strategy?
18:41 – What is the Buy strategy?
19:23 – What is the Create strategy?
20:37 – What two charts may be helpful to illustrate technology curves?
23:00 – What does the Accounting Profession Mega Trends 2020 chart show?
24:02 – What are the benefits to Innovators?
24:52 – What are the steps to leverage transformative technologies?
26:31 – What are the best practices for a technology plan?
29:49 – What are some simple tips for building a plan?
31:44 – What are some complex tips for building a plan?
32:58 – What are some simple and common planning issues?
36:43 – What are some common and complex planning issues?
37:16 – What are some resources you can use to help build your technology plan?
38:47 – What are some strategic choices you may choose to use?
40:17 – What are some silos of information to consider using?
41:04 – How do you integrate the silos?
42:22 – What apps can you utilize on QuickBooks Online?
43:23 – How to utilize the QBO apps?
44:10 – What are some hosting providers?
44:21 – What are some managed service providers?
44:39 – What is the strategy and tactic for the people in your company?
46:30 – What is the tactic and strategy for your procedures?
48:46 – What do you want to think about when it comes to data in your company?
49:56 – What do you want to think about when it comes to the hardware in your company?
52:50 – What is some advice for building your plan?