The MSP 2020’S ICT Rolling Plan On Standardisation Supporting EU Business And Industry Growth

– Silvana Muscella, Project Coordinator & CEO of Trust-IT Services – “ and Rolling Plan: a common path to support ICT Standards development”

– Thomas Reibe, EC Senior Expert & Project Officer – “The ICT Rolling Plan: overall structure and main purpose”

– Emilio Davila-Gonzalez, EC Head of Sector ICT Standardisation – “ICT Rolling Plan: what’s new in 2020”

– Jochen Friedrich, MSP Chair & Technical Relations Executive at IBM – “Keeping the Plan Rolling – The making and implementation of the EU Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation”

– Brian McAuliffe, ISO/IEC JTC1 Liaison Officer to the EC;- “The ICT Rolling Plan: Keeping European and International ICT standards in sync”

– Francesco Osimanti, Vice-Coordinator & Digital Specialist – “Impact on ICT key-technologies domains: introduction of Final Impact Report”

– Constant Kohler, Cen Cenelec ICT Standardisation Programme Manager – “Linking ICT standards and European policies: the role of European standardisation”

– Closure – Q&A