The PRESIDENT of the International FRANCHISE Association Shares 2023 Franchise Priorities

Matthew Haller is an esteemed President & CEO of the International Franchise Association, a post he has held for 10 years. During this time, Matt formed extensive relationships with members representing franchisors, franchisees & suppliers alike. For many years, he has assumed a variety of positions such as Communications Director, Vice President of Public Affairs, Chief of Staff to the CEO, and Senior Vice President for Public Affairs. Eventually, in 2017 his commendable track record led him to be promoted to Senior Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs, which is still his current leadership role today.

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00:00 Introduction
01:05 Q&A – What led you to stay in the franchising industry?
06:07 Q&A – How is franchising evolved over the last 11 years?
08:49 Q&A – Are there any efforts with the SBA?
13:16 Q&A – What initiatives are you excited about for 2023?
25:16 Q&A – Are any other initiatives that you think might be worthwhile?
32:34 Q&A – What do you think about working at a franchise before pursuing ownership?
34:18 Q&A – What type of businesses should and should not consider franchising?
35:27 Q&A – What do you think is a good unit count?
40:02 Q&A – What are the requirements for becoming as well as maintaining an IFA membership?
48:04 Conclusion

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