Top Franchise Business Opportunities India – Franchise India

Franchise Business Opportunities India – Franchise India
Electric Vehicle
Charging station franchise can be a lucrative platform for entrepreneurs to venture in, seeing the extravagant potential that the electric vehicle sector holds. With an investment of around Rs 8-60 lakh for an area of 150-1500 sq ft, one can open an EV charging station franchise.

Pilates Studio
In India, Pilates has become a growing fitness trend, owing to celebrity influence, increased health consciousness, and numerous health benefits. To own a Pilates’ franchise, the initial investment starts from an average amount of Rs 30 lakhs and may range up to Rs 50 lakhs. The requirement of an area can range from 500-1000 sq ft.

Service Trucks
Popularly known as ‘business on wheels’, service trucks are gaining a lot of popularity in the business world due to its cost-effectiveness. There are so many franchises that are showcasing their business skills on the vans and trucks to gain maximum footfall.

Nail Art Salon
With a variety of styles coming in the market, nail art is gaining a lot of popularity among the millennial, thereby giving the market a spectacular growth. A nail art salon could be started in an investment of about Rs 5-6 lakhs for an area of 500-600 sq ft.

Eyewear Franchise
The eyewear industry has grown tremendously in these years, transforming itself from a near stagnant market into a promising market. With the changing times, consumers can now get their eye check-ups done at the convenience of their homes by using modern technology.

Car Detailing Service
At present, car detailing business is one of the most viable investments to make because of the increasing number of automobiles in our cities. A car detailing business can be started with a modest investment, depending on the scope and type of services you provide.

E-Bike Rental Franchise
The e-bike rental industry is catching the eyes of investors and is paving the way for e-bike rental franchise brands as it is a low-cost business opportunity and has a huge potential for investors. The start-up investment cost of the e-bike rental franchise ranges from Rs 20-50 lakh, with a minimum required area of 500 sq ft, which can also go up to 1200 sq ft.

Generic Medicine Business
Generic medicine franchises serve as a lucrative business model for entrepreneurs. The franchise system in generic pharmacy has so much to offer; they can help transform the healthcare system and can help business people and business entities to grow into a valuable market as well.

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