Ways to Keep MSP Insurance Available and Affordable in 2022

As the globe continues to change in every possible way, for every business, every human, and every geographical region based on the Covid19 Pandemic; one constant is undeniable.

Cyber Insurance: All MSPs need to carry it. All customers/humans/businesses need to have it. For the Bad Guys aimed at executing the perfect supply chain attack, the MSP is the perfect target. This absolute need for Cyber Insurance will undoubtedly change the entire landscape in 2022 – requirements will pivot from MSPs (or SMBs) attesting that they have policies in place; and will instead, begin to have to prove with proper documentation, each control is in place.

Naturally, between the absolute need to mitigate the cost of security breaches, cyber insurance providers will likely become more selective of which MSPs they choose to insure, which industries they focus on, and which previously covered services are now considered add on features. Numerous sources report healthcare focused MSPs seeing an average of 40%-60% increase in their policy costs.

A Cyber Insurance Company should exist in the same trusted advisor manner to you, as you, the MSP, are to your customers. Where do you find 1 trusted Cyber Insurance Provider armed with forensics specialists, legal professionals, breach consultants, PR gurus, property coverage experts, hired and non-owned automobile liability representatives…in one place?

Start 2022 with Justin Reinmuth, Founder and CEO of Tech Rug

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