Why Uncle Fluffy is the best franchise alternative for cafes

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Why uncle fluffy is the best franchise alternative for cafes?

If you’re watching this video, i’m sure that you’re in the hunt for the best franchise opportunity, and let’s say youre passionate about coffee and you want your business to resonate to your interest. Which is always a good idea.

And now youre thinking about starbucks, tim hortons, or carribou and other giants, right? So you called their office, spoke to their guys and to your dismay, you were asked a minimum of at least 1.5 million usd just to get the doors open.

So imma tell why Uncle Fluffy ticks all the boxes of being the best alternative:

First let’s talk about the menu:- uncle fluffy isnt just all about japanese cheesecake. You can offer Uncle Fluffy Coffee to you menu, along with the mouth watering cheese and chocolate tarts. (Pictures in the background) Subject to approval, additional items are possible but must be relevant to Japanese origin and concept.
Real Estate – Uncle Fluffy team helps you pin-point the best possible location. The franchise coordinator gives professional advice about retail traction, footfall, foot traffic, and the rent cost in your territory. Is that the best mall? If yes, are you getting the best deal? If no, onto the next option until the best solution is found.
Much afforfable Investment — As i’ve mentioned in the previous video, if you are inclined towards owning an Uncle Fluffy Franchise with passion for coffee, you can get started for 77k USD or 47k for smaller units. See the difference? (Show all competitior vs uf price)
And number 4, and I mentioned this in the other video, Amazing product. The japanese food culture is not in any means to be forgotten. Who doesn’t love a healthy japanese snack?
Easy setup process- from the reciept of the franchise fee payment, you can cut the ribbon in 60 days.

So if you’re a fan of good coffee and wanted to own uncle fluffy franchise, go to the link in the description below:-