XMAS SPECIAL! Gifts for the bad teams, Cards autopsy and how the Giants are bees | PFF NFL Podcast

Join Steve Palazzolo and Sam Monson as they discuss Gifts for the bad teams, Cards autopsy and how the Giants are bees.

0:00 – Intro
2:59 – Answering the Mailbag
17:45 – Christmas Gifts for Houston Texans
18:53 – Christmas Gifts for Chicago Bears
20:55 – Christmas Gifts for Denver Broncos
23:50 – Christmas Gifts for Los Angeles Rams
26:30 – Christmas Gifts for Arizona Cardinals
30:20 – Christmas Gifts for Indianapolis Colts
31:30 – Christmas Gifts for Atlanta Falcons
33:20 – Christmas Gifts for Carolina Panthers
34:40 – Christmas Gifts for New Orleans Saints
46:53 – Autopsy of Arizona Cardinals
51:58 – Autopsy of Los Angeles Rams
57:11 – Explain the grade

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